Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Second Chance Geranium

Through my living room window, I can see a potted geranium plant out on my patio. A few weeks ago it was in dire straights, literally.

Having survived the winter, I had neglected it all spring due to my recent surgery. It was alive still, but just barely. The dirt was dry from lack of water, the blooms that once was vibrant hung pitifully; faded and shriveled. The stems and leaves were dried up as well (as if embarrassed), with only a few green leaves and visible signs of life remaining. I thought, "What the Heck, I should probably just toss this old thing in the garbage and put it out of it's misery." But instead, I decided to give it a second chance.

I clipped away all the shrivelled, faded blooms, then started cutting away all the dried leaves and stems. By the time I was finished there wasn't much left. Then I watered it, and gave it some plant food, and waited. Each day I patiently made sure the soil had enough water to sustain it. Then I waited & crossed my fingers.

Today when I look out my window I now see one big beautiful red geranium bloom rising proudly above a now green, healthy and beautiful plant. Small miracles happen every day if we are willing to open our eyes to them.

I realize that I too, have been like that geranium plant that has survived a hard winter; (barely).  I have felt dried up, & have lost all my color. I have stopped blooming. I have been in a desert place of a different kind; (divorce, illness, fatigue, fear, anxiety). My soul parched and dry, my spirit shriveled away to nothing.

But God looks at me in my sad, dire condition, and sees hope in me. First, even though it is a painful process, he starts pruning away what is no longer useful in my life. I understand that even though it hurts it is for my good. Next he waters my parched soul with his holy spirit and my thirst is quenched. Finally he allows the glory of his son (sunlight) to bathe my spirit with healing rays of hope, renewing my faith, for a brighter tomorrow. And I, like the the red geranium on my patio, I will bloom again. Under the tender care of the master gardener have been given a second chance.

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