Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Silent Night

It is said that silence is golden. I am sure that what many frazzled moms today would really appreciate this holiday season, would be a few moments of peace and quiet. Pulled & fragmented by the stress of daily life, they long for even a snippet of silence- a precious commodity in today's frantic world.

Perhaps God in his infinite wisdom chose such a tender moment of silence and stillness to bring his precious son into the world. I am sure that the world was busy back then, but not like today's chaotic and hectic standard. Still, love came softly, slipping quietly into the midst of gentle, lowing sheep and cattle.

The midnight sky was lit with the radiance of a bright star, guiding the way to where the new born King lay in an humble manger surrounded by hay. Mary and Joseph were no doubt exhausted from the emotional and stressful journey  to Bethlehem. They had endured judgmental remarks from family and friends, but trusted in the promise that the angel had given Mary. Now, barely sheltered from the elements because there was no room for them any where else, they rested in the glorious arrival of their newborn baby.

And so, it was here; in the still, calm silence of the night the Savior of the world chose to come. It was here, on a silent, holy night that the King of Kings came down to give us the greatest gift of all. Bethlehem bustled with travelers and didn't even know what miraculous event had just transpired.

 And so it is today. Our lives are filled with busyness and festivities. Frantic with everything we need to get done before December 24th. travel plans made, tickets bought, packages to wrap, cookies to bake. Our lives are filled to overflowing that we find no time for a still, silent night. There is no room in the hearts of men and women for the Savior of the world.

But still he comes, and waits, and beckons us to be still and share a moment of silence with Him. Can you hear Him? Will you stop for a moment of silence for the King of Kings? This Christmas, may we all take a quiet moment and journey back to Bethlehem. May we be still and witness a silent night.

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