Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Coming Out of My Box!

Great News!! Today I am coming out!!! ..................... Out of the box that is, LOL!!!

For many years, (by my own choice) I lived in a box; not My BOX, NOT GOD'S BOX, but EVERYBODY ELSES"S BOX. I was squeezed, pushed, shoved into it by other people's ideas, convictions, by the way THEY THOUGHT that I should live my life. I have lived that a great deal of my life THAT WAYl believe me, it doesn't work. You will be miserable and bitter. I wanted to make others happy, thinking that in turn by pleasing THEM that that, would make Me happy, so I contorted twisted, & conformed my life, convictions & ideas to theirs. When I would try to escape, they would literally shove me back into THEIR BOX. :( When I tried to cut a hole for a little sunlight, or for a breath fo fresh air, or to stretch my arms, they would SEAL the box with duct tape. I lost myself, my identeity, my joy, my peace, my song. I was a bird with a broken wing, confined to a cage with bars that I had allowed someone to trap me in. I was a bird who could not sing.

I am learning now, by God's grace, how to "BREAK FREE" of my box and cage that held me prisoner for so long. There is NOTHING that feels as good as FREEDOM IN GOD. NOW, I live in GOd's BOX; there is joy unspeakable, peace that passeth ALL understanding. There is safety and contentment. Don't let ANYONE hold you captive in THEIR BOX; especially when there is freedom wating for you. GOd'S BOX has NO WALLS, NO ROOF, and the air is wonderful. Welcome to GOD'S BOX!

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  1. Amen, Lolita. Paul says that if he seeks to please men, he cannot please God. I'm glad you're out of the box and a woman with her own individuality.