Friday, May 27, 2011

A Prayer for today

Dear God,
Open my mind, soften my heart; mold me and make me pliable.
Help me come to a state of surrendering to your will.
Let me feel your presence, let me honor and respect your holiness, your awesomeness.
May I rest in the assurance that you are guiding me, directing my steps; that you are in control and that all is well.
May I search my heart and seek forgiveness for any thought, action or deed, that is not pleasing to you.
May I lay any concerns, worries or fears at your feet; trusting that you will take care of any and all of my needs.
May I feel compassion for others and pray for their needs as well as mine.
May I find areas to serve you and to reflect your love to all I meet.
May I resist all thoughts of resistance, judgement, unforgiveness, and fear; taking captive any negative thoughts and surrendering them to you.
May I feel your peace, hope and love in my life every day.
May I be grateful for the blessings that you bestow upon me and thankful for all situations, recognizing and learning the lessons that you are trying to teach me.
Let me recognize your truth in all things.
Help me oh God, to live the wonderful, awesome, abundant life that you have planned for me.


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