Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pit

I don't know about you, but sometimes around or after the holidays I begin to get in a blue funk. Maybe it's because after I take down the Christmas decorations the house seems so plain; ~ cold ~ empty. I have to be very cautious not to allow these deep dark thoughts to take root in my spirit, because I could become a "Pit Dweller", that is I could take up residency in a pit. What is a pit you might ask? Well, it's a deep dark cavern of a place where sunlight never,ever shows it's face. It's a emotionally place where negative emotions rule; like fear, anger, guilt, insecurity, depression, hopelessness, worthlessness, bitterness, & resentment. These dark emotions are like wallpaper, lining the walls, blocking out even the tiniest ray of hope and light, forming thick layer upon layer yuckiness. Believe me it's ugly and you definitely don't want to live there...ever.

Sometimes situations beyond our control can cause the downhill slide, smack dab into a pit. Things like a life threatening illness, being away from loved ones, the loss of a loved one, divorce, or even the loss of a job. Sometimes it's not even anything major at all; perhaps just the accumulation of an infinite mountain of disappointments, hurts,  & emotional pain. What ever the catalyst might be, suddenly the ground beneath our feet starts shifting, getting soft, squishy. We start to lose our footing and before we know it, we are knee deep in quicksand, sliding out of control into the gaping hole of the pit.

Other times we are pushed by someone into the pit. Maybe someone is threatened, intimidated or jealous of us. To make themselves look and feel better causes them to react and take out their frustrations on us by literally pushing or shoving us into the pit. They feel justified, because their needs were met. and we are left wounded and broken in the bottom of the pit.

Finally, the last way to get in a pit is the absolute worse. We choose to go there on our own. We take a flying leap, tuck our knees up, wrap our arms around our legs and "cannon ball" jump right dab smack into the deepest, darkest part. Whoa...though it seems unbelievable it's true. Can you ever recall a dark time in your life when you wanted to just run away from it all and never come back? Well, there is a path that will take you there, but it will ultimately lead you straight into the pit.

The irony is that "pit dwellers" seldom recognize that they have started living in a pit. it's like a two way mirror; others can see into the dark side, but those inside have blinders on, unable to see how miserable they really are.  In fact most "pit dwellers" can become very resourceful in camouflaging  their pit. First they make it pretty; paint the walls their favorite color, hang up pretty curtains (over the non-existent windows), put furniture into place ( a"pit group") is a good choice here, then sit back and make themselves comfortable.
Before you know it their pit has become very comfortable; too comfortable to be exact. Now the pit has become their comfort zone, their safety net and the scary thing is they like it here. The enemy of our mind even offers us "specials"; "free room additions" ~ to encourage to take up permanent residency there. What we really see is only a distorted view of how messed up our lives really are, like the wavy mirrors in a fun house.

But I am here to say that there is hope beyond the pit. and even though the walls of the pit seem thick and inpenatratable, they are really paper thin. (we live in prisons of our own making with imaginary bars) There are people on the other side of the wall waiting to help pull you out, but the first step is recognition. Look around your pit (no matter how you spruce it up) it is really a deep dark hole that is emotionally crippling you. Recognize it for what it is; it ain't the Ritz Carlton, baby.

Once you recognize it for what it really is, you are really stepping put of denial. Acknowledging the pit is actually the first step in getting out of the pit. Second, pick up a shovel and start digging your way out. Oh yeah, there's always a shovel in the pit. Once you pick up the shovel, the next step is reaching out and allowing someone you trust to help you. (they will offer encouragement & support, but you have to do the digging) Next find a network or support group of trusted individuals who will provide you with the necessary tools you'll need to dig & climb your way out. ( an excellent source of help is Celebrate
A ministry designed to support you with your hurts, needs, & habits and hang ups. Help is always a phone call away. Do not allow pride or fear to prevent you from calling and asking for help.

This is a new year, and a blessed one at that. I pray that we be on guard and aware that the enemy wants us to continue to live in fear and oppression. I for one, would rather be emotionally living in "the Penthouse Suite". with abundant joy, peace, hope, faith & love. This is my prayer for you too; to find hope in these uncertain times, to find peace in the midst of chaos, to find joy in the midst of adversity, and unconditional love in a world that it starving for it.

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